Modern materials are increasingly being grown and developed to meet their specific needs. They must be tested with ever more complex test equipment.

Our experience in the development and manufacture of special equipment combined with our know-how in processing exotic materials such as titanium, cobalt, nickel-based alloys and so-called single-crystal materials makes us a competent partner for the development and testing of innovative solutions.

Our know-how in this area includes:

  • Production of space and high-temperature samples
  • LCF / TMF samples
  • Clamps for RT and HT tests
  • Ni base / MAR / Titanium and Inconel processing
  • Water droplet erosion samples
  • Fine wire EDM
  • EDM

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Samples LCF made of nickel base material

Samples LCF made of nickel base material

Torsion testing on medical screws

Torsion testing on medical screws

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